Welcome to the China-Scotland Signal Image Processing Research Academy (SIPRA)

Welcome to the China-Scotland Signal Image Processing Research Academy (SIPRA)

Welcome to the China-Scotland Signal Image Processing Research Academy (SIPRA)

Welcome to the China-Scotland Signal Image Processing Research Academy (SIPRA)

This is to inform readers that after careful and detailed consideration and with some regret, the University of Strathclyde has decided to close SIPRA. There has been little or no activity under the umbrella of SIPRA since 2019 and the initiative has been moribund over that period.

SIPRA – Signal Image Processing Research Academy established in 2009 to promote collaboration on signal an image processing research, staff student exchanges and joint workshops. The initiative has flourished and several university groups from China and Scotland have participated with several student visits, workshops in Scotland and China and a number of joint publications.

However in view of the lack of activity in recent years, perhaps SIPRA has run its course and the time has come for natural end to SIPRA.

We would like to take his opportunity to thanks all partners in SIPRA and wish them a very successful and prosperous future.

Tariq S Durrani

Signal and image processing represent techniques for the acquisition, analysis and interpretation of information, and as such are the glue that binds the information and knowledge society.

Key components of signal/image processing includes algorithms, architectures for implementing algorithms, and their applications in a variety of disciplines that range from aerospace systems, biomedical engineering, communications, control, geophysical data, and many more.

Research in the area is of universal interest, and there are strong and flourishing groups conducting world class research in China and Scotland.

To benefit from collaboration, a Research Academy is being established that will bring together keynote experts and leading researchers as well as students from Chinese and Scottish universities to work on areas of mutual interest, and to address problems of current importance!

The objectives of the Research Academy are:

  • To stimulate and support collaborative research programmes
  • To encourage PhD student and staff exchanges
  • To promote joint publications
  • To organize workshops and training programmes
  • To seek joint funding for collaboration
  • To develop close cooperation and partnership with industry in China and Scotland.

Contact Us

Professor Tariq S Durrani
SIPRA Coordinator

Sheila Forbes
SIPRA Administrator
Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
University of Strathclyde
204 George Street Glasgow
G1 1XW
Scotland UK

Tel: +44 141 548 2540


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