• Continuing SIPRA activities have led to over 30 jointly-authored publications in a range of high-impact journals & refereed conference proceedings (2012-18). Examples include: (Elsevier) Neurocomputing, (Elsevier) Expert Systems with Applications, (Springer) Cognitive Computation, IEEE SSCI, BICS (list on
  • Chunhui Z, Xiaohui L, Ren J and Marshall S.   Improved sparse representation using adaptive spatial support for effective target detection in hyperspectral imagery.   International Journal of Remote Sensing, 34(24), 8669-8684, 2013.
  • Zheng W, Ran J, Yubin W, Sun M and Jiang J.   Reliable camera motion estimation from compressed MPEG using machine learning approach.   Optical Engineering, 52(5), 2013
  • Faúndez-Zanuy M, Hussain A, Mekyska J, Sesa-Nogueras E, Monte-Moreno E, Esposito A, Chetouani M, Garre-Olmo J, Abel A, Smékal Z and López de Ipiña K.  Biometric applications related to human beings: there is life beyond security.  Cognitive Computation 5(1), 136-151, 2013.
  • Wang Q-F, Cambria E, Liu C-L and Hussain A. Common sense knowledge for handwritten Chinese text recognition.  Cognitive Computation 5(2), 234-242, 2013.
  • Cutsuridis V and Hussain A.  In memory of John G Taylor: a Polymath Scholar.  Cognitive Computation 5(3), 279-280, 2013.
  • Poria S, Gelbukh A K, Hussain A, Howard N, Das D and Bandyopadhyay S.  Enhanced SenticNet with affective labels for concept-based opinion mining.  IEEE Intelligent Systems, 28(2), 31-38, 2013.
  • Niazi M A and Hussain A. Complex adaptive communication networks and environments: Part 1. Simulation 89(5), 559-561, 2013.
  • Niazi M A and Hussain A. Complex adaptive communication networks and environments: Part 2. Simulation 89(7), 787-789, 2013.
  • Gao F, Ru F, Sun J and Hussain A.  A novel SAR target detection algorithm based on contextual knowledge.  Progress in Electromagnetics Research (PIER), 142(), 123-140, 2013.
  • Li W, Zhang J, Coats M, Carey F, McKenna S and Zheng W.  Learning from partially annotated OPT images by contextual relevance ranking.  16th Intl Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention (MICCAI 2013), Part III, LNCS 8151, 429-436, Mori K, Sakuma I, Sato Y, Barillot C and Navab, N (Eds), Nagoya, Japan, September 2013.   The first author, Wenqi Li, a Dundee PhD student, was awards a selective student bursary from the British Machine Vision Association to present this paper in Japan in Sept ember 2013.
  • Zakir U, Hussain A, Ali L and Luo B.  Improved efficiency of road sign detection and recognition by employing Kalman filter.   Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 7888, Berlin Heidelberg: Springer, 216-224, 2013.
  • Wang QF, Cambria E, Liu C-L and Hussain A.  Common sense knowledge for handwritten Chinese test recognition.  Cognitive Computation, 4(4): 477-496 2012.

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